We are building your future home, in the center of Ljubuški!

Combining tradition with modern design, we offer you homes that reflect your lifestyle. With us, the experience of building and buying an apartment becomes simple and carefree.


We use the latest materials and construction techniques to provide you with long-lasting value and comfort.

Great location

Located in a great location in Ljubuški, our apartments provide access to all key amenities.

Personal approach

We are dedicated to supporting and advising you every step of the way to your new home.

Dedicated to building your new home

Our vision is clear – to create homes that reflect modern aesthetics and functionality.

We recognize that every home has its own story, and our mission is to ensure that story begins with a solid foundation, innovative design and thoughtful spatial solutions. We want each of our clients to feel excitement and security when entering their new home.

Our dynamic team consists of experts with a wide range of experience, all driven by the same goal – setting new standards in apartment construction and providing exceptional value to each client.

Start your journey to a new home!

Take a look at your
The Future Home

Through our photo gallery, discover the combination of modern architecture, functionality and attention to detail that makes each of our apartments special. Let yourself be inspired by the spaces we create.

A location that
it makes a difference

Located in an ideal position, the buildings offer the optimal combination of accessibility, peace and views – we have chosen a place that provides a balance between city dynamics and the natural environment.

Frequently asked questions

What is the quality of construction of your apartments?

Our building was built using the latest construction techniques and high quality materials. Each apartment is designed with an emphasis on durability, functionality and comfort. Our team of experts monitors every stage of construction to ensure top quality.

When is the construction of the building expected to be completed?

We anticipate that the construction of the building will be completed by the end of 2024. age. However, our top priority is performance quality, so we will primarily strive to ensure that every detail is perfect.

What are the funding or payment options?

We offer a variety of financing models, including the ability to cooperate with selected banks for home loans. Our team is here to help you find the most affordable funding method that will suit your needs.

Is there an opportunity to adjust the interior design of the apartment?

Certainly! While the building is still in the construction phase, we provide our future tenants with the opportunity to adapt certain design aspects, such as the choice of floor coverings, wall colors and bathroom elements.

How is parking for tenants solved?

Each apartment in our building comes with a parking space. Also, the building will have an underground garage, as well as additional outdoor parking spaces for guests.

What is the energy efficiency of the building?

Our building is designed with an emphasis on energy efficiency, using state-of-the-art insulation materials and energy-efficient heating and cooling systems. This not only reduces monthly costs, but also contributes to the preservation of the environment.

What is the process of buying an apartment?

The purchase process is simple and transparent. After choosing an apartment and agreeing on the terms, a pre-contract is signed. Our legal team guides you through all stages of the process, ensuring that everything is in accordance with the law and that your investment is protected.

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